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Join our vibrant network of active organizations throughout the Denver Metro Area, where you can:



The Network

​We’re a local network of dozens of active organizations in the Denver Metro Area who can provide you with...

  • Wraparound referrals to easily connect the people you serve to the resources they need

  • Finding or distributing resources to your partner organizations that need it most and need it now

  • Funding Opportunities available through our connected Foundations

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The Resource Exchange

Streamline Resource Distribution: Easily give or request resources, adapting swiftly to community needs.

  • Post items you no longer need or in-kind donations that you are unable to best utilize

  • Request resources you're in need of to support your community

  • Adapt to changing needs within your community

The Bulletin Board

Crowd-source information and solutions for organizational challenges.

  • Access best practices and advice shared by local nonprofits.

  • Find recommendations for event venues, service providers, and more.

  • Connect with other nonprofits facing similar challenges.

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The Calendar

Stay informed about local nonprofit events, workshops, and networking opportunities.

  • Avoid scheduling conflicts by seeing what other organizations have planned.

  • Increase visibility for your own events by adding them to the calendar.

  • Discover opportunities to support other organizations' initiatives and collaborate within the community.

The Network
Resouce Exchange

The Messaging Center

Say goodbye to email frustration with our Messaging Center.

  • Find the right contact person within a nonprofit organization easily.

  • Send direct messages to streamline communication without getting lost in crowded inboxes.

  • Forge stronger partnerships and collaborations by connecting in real-time

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The Community

Arguably one of the best "features" of Lighthouse is access to the community we are building. 

  • Connect with other motivated changemakers

  • Attend our community educational + networking events

  • Access exclusive opportunities with funders in the Lighthouse network

Pricing Overview


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