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We bring nonprofits together.


At Lighthouse, we're on a mission to create a world where no available resources are left unused solely because people in need can't access them.

As a social impact for-profit company, our values are at the center of everything we do. The goals we set as an organization are continually checked to ensure proper alignment with our values and the vision we are building out.

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Our Values

We Are Stronger Together

Breaking down barriers within the nonprofit sector unites us, fortifying communities for greater equity and resilience.

Collaboration Should Be Intentional

We thoughtfully design opportunities, ensuring tangible and meaningful outcomes for our nonprofit partners and the communities that they serve.

Invest in Change Makers

Our commitment is to support dedicated individuals who are already working to address community challenges, magnifying their impact and enhancing the success of their solutions.

Business is a Force for Good

Embodied in our values, Lighthouse exemplifies that business when centered on impact, drives success for both enterprises and communities.

Creative Thinking

By encouraging fresh perspectives and challenging traditional thinking, we shift the perception of the nonprofit sector from a sector seen as deficient and unsustainable to a dynamic catalyst for change.

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Meet our Founder

Mackenzie Langley

Mackenzie believes in the ability to thrive in the face of new challenges, the benefits of being a lifelong learner, and the importance of working hard to see every project, commitment, and endeavor through to completion.

As the founder of Lighthouse, her mission is clear: to ensure no available resources go left unused solely because people in need are unable to access them. She's excited to be building this venture alongside nonprofit leaders who work hard every day to build stronger communities!

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